Swarovski Optik Nordic AB

Swarovski Optik Nordic AB

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Every company needs a stable, secure foundation that it can build on.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK regards tradition, origin, quality awareness, entrepreneurial boldness, innovativeness, absolute devotion to service and product functionality as the core values guiding all its actions. These principles have evolved from within the company at SWAROVSKI OPTIK and they are put into practice every day by all our staff.

We are a family-run business and, as such, we must in all conscience pass it on to our successors. SWAROVSKI OPTIK regards this as a long-term matter, which is why we’re not just thinking about the next five or ten years, but about future generations.

Tyrol, Austria
The clear commitment to the company and production site in Tyrol instills confidence. We firmly believe that customers who opt for a premium quality product also take a very close look at where and how a company manufactures its products.

Quality of the highest order
The notion of quality is given meticulous consideration at SWAROVSKI OPTIK and goes beyond purely technical aspects. The whole package matters to us: outstanding optics, functionality, ergonomics, design, service – all of which must be perfectly harmonized.

Lasting value
The actual value of a product is revealed in its daily use. If you like a product, use it often, and have enjoyed it for many years, then it is of lasting value. For most people, these are precisely the reasons why they opt for SWAROVSKI OPTIK: because they know that it is an investment for life.

At SWAROVSKI OPTIK the courage the team shows in developing superior products matters. Anyone who wishes to offer innovative products must constantly go to the furthest possible limits, allow time for developments, and take new paths.

Customer service is an essential part of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK brand identity and awareness at the highest level. Even when things go wrong, we guarantee that a repair is always carried out quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Anyone who is, like SWAROVSKI OPTIK, surrounded by such natural beauty is aware that they have to bear some responsibility for it. We comply with the most stringent requirements for caring for and preserving the environment, and we voluntarily conform to the highest standards.